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Grieving our babies together.

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A Table For Grief

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A Table for Grief

A Table for Grief is a safe, private place to share the daily journey of love, loss and grief. 

This community is exclusively for bereaved mothers.

I think of this space as our own private virtual coffee shop (though I’m a tea drinker myself) because heart-to-heart conversation often happens over a cup of tea or coffee in an inviting atmosphere. Want to know if this virtual coffee shop is your new hang-out? I invite you to read through the "conversation" section below and decide if you would feel comfortable in these conversations. If so, you are welcome to join.

I'm sorry you're on this heartbreaking journey but I'm thankful you've found this place. Welcome to the table. 

"This is the only group where I truly feel like a mom." - Lindsey

Who is hosting this table?

My name is Jillian. My third child was stillborn on his due date. His name is Oscar. We will never have satisfactory answers as to why; what remains is love.

As I stared down my first set of holidays without my son I envisioned a safe holiday table where grief was welcome. This is how A Table for Grief got its name.

I am a working, homeschooling, grieving mom and a relentless creative. I am passionate about creating space physically, emotionally and mentally. So, creating space for angel moms to share honest grieving and loving, hopeful memorializing was a natural desire once I joined this heartbroken community. 

Grief is incredibly lonely; and even more so when you're grieving a baby few people were privileged enough to meet. After losing my son, I quickly came to believe there is no such thing as too much support or community.


Things we will discuss at the table: 

- memories and experiences (of pregnancy, delivery, healthcare, life and death and more) 

- details of our precious fleeting time with our baby(ies)

- memorials in memory/ honor of our baby(ies)

- daily realities of grief

- peer-sourced helpful resources 

+ we will share photos

And we will say their names. Again and again. We will not hide our love.


Your membership to A Table for Grief includes:

- 24/7 access to a safe, understanding, empathetic community. You’re never alone! 

- a mobile app so it’s easy to stay connected to the community 

- an easy path to find and befriend angel moms in your own locale

- the ability to share several types of media, write posts, ask questions and create polls

- group chats and live virtual events

- group and private messaging

- access to in-person live events 

- sub-group for rainbow babies (so you can choose whether or not to see these posts or participate in these conversations)

- sub-group for siblings and the challenges of parenting their grief as you walk through your own grief journey (so you can choose whether or not to see these posts or participate in these conversations)


I take the safety of this community seriously so I do reserve the right to deny membership and/ or remove members who present a threat to the community.

This community is not a place to mine information, clients or customers. You must have experienced pregnancy/ infant/ child loss to join this community and be a respectful participant.

Disclaimer: This community is not a replacement for therapy, counseling or any other mental, emotional or physical health service. No professional medical advice is given here.

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